What to serve with pizza?

Are you in search of an interesting way to wow your guest at a birthday party? If so, there are numerous dishes that can do just that and many more besides! It can get tricky trying to match an interesting plate to the appropriate theme; and with hundreds of options available today, it can be quite overwhelming. Fortunately, there are still some tried and true ideas that will never fail to impress.

To begin this fascinating exploration of foods that go great with pizza, l begin with the simple pre-party phase. Whether you’re at a trendy pizza joint and wish to order an extra-large appetizer or you’re preparing for your first authentic pie for family and friends, here are your top side dishes to match your preferred pizza topping. The crust of your pizza will almost certainly come with sauce on it, and if you’re looking for a classic tomato-based sauce to compliment it, simply substitute with something else: a good red or green salsa, a tangy jalapeno sauce, a creamy garlic cream sauce, even a tasty habanera sauce. You can also double or triple the amount of pizza sauce if you want to; it’s up to you.

Another pizza include that goes perfectly with this type of meal is the classic side dish of garlic bread. Yes, you can order this as a stand alone meal or you can combine it with a salad (make sure it’s not too heavy or you’ll feel weighed down in the stomach; try a light-weight iceberg lettuce salad if you’re worried). A good garlic bread should have plenty of crisp raw, fresh vegetables on it, such as onions; bell pepper, mushrooms; and perhaps a tomato or two. As an alternative to the vegetables, you can also use a chopped or ground beef, as long as it hasn’t been added to the mix of toppings previously.

For some reason, garlic knots have become somewhat of a staple side dish on pizza menus. If you’re not familiar with what to serve with it, a garlic knot is simply a piece of bread with a lot of sliced garlic wrapped in a paper towel or plastic bag. There’s a lot of variation on what to serve with garlic knots. You can bake them separately and serve them with ketchup, hot sauce, or aioli sauce. You can use them as a sandwich filling or as a part of a grilled chicken dish. You can even use it as a side dish to a baked potato.

One of the more interesting side dishes to consider is fettuccini Alfredo. This is a white sauce with Alfredo cheese and broccoli leaves. Although it’s not a traditional Alfredo, it certainly sounds delicious. Fettuccini is typically served with steamed broccoli. You can substitute broccoli stems with chopped fettuccine noodles if you want, and serve it with your usual side dishes like meatballs and vegetable parmesan.

Another interesting idea for pizza is the pasta with sausage. Although this isn’t technically a side dish, it works as a great compliment to the pizza itself. I’ve heard it referred to as the pizza and pasta sandwich, but that probably would be an exaggeration, and what you will truly end up with is a delectable meal complete with a fantastic salad.

One of the most common side dishes on a pizza menu is tossed salad. Of all the different types of salad, the tossed variety is perhaps the most versatile. You can serve it with almost any pizza sauce, and it works extremely well as a stand-alone meal with very little else on the plate. The reason why it works so well as a stand-alone meal is because people often forget that it’s also a side dish. A tossed salad with tomato, onion, and olive oil works well with almost any pizza.

One other idea for a pasta salad that works really well is a zesty, brightly colored jar of oregano. It pairs well with fruity sauces like that of Stilton or even a creamy Italian sauce like Provel Ziti. In fact, zesty Jarred oregano can even work well with egg-based egg freeogues, or even with a vegan spread. I’ve heard that smoked, marinated mushrooms can also pair nicely with an eggplant pizza. So if you’re in the mood to experiment, give a pizzeria a call, and see what they offer that will tantalize your taste buds.