How to use a pizza oven?

How to use a pizza oven is not rocket science. However, there are some things you should know before getting started. You will want to be sure all your pieces are in good working order. Follow the guidelines for using your new oven carefully.

Be sure all pieces are clean and grease-free before starting to assemble your oven. Be especially careful of the vent ducts and be sure they are not obstructed. If any wood logs are left over from the last pizza, they must be cleaned before beginning. Wood logs create excessive smoke and are very flammable. Do not place wood logs in the oven if there is any possibility of them splattering or catching fire.

Do not place the wood logs too close to the heating element. The space must be at least three feet from the heating element to prevent damage to the walls. If using a wood fired pizza oven, be sure all the pieces are properly lined up with the logs. The pieces should be level with one another and parallel. Do not place logs on top of other logs. They should be arranged on a cut-in or cut-out basis for maximum cooking results.

If using a wood fired pizza oven, be especially careful of where you store the logs during the winter. Use a dry cloth to wipe the outside of the oven after each use. Excessive smoke can be hazardous and the temptation to simply toss the logs in the garbage can be strong. The excessive smoke can also affect the bake time of your pizza. It can take several hours to properly heat the logs and release the smoke.

Do not place the wood logs too close to the heating element. Too much heat can cause the logs to melt, which can cause a momentary domino effect and increase the temperature of the oven. You can place the wood logs on their side to avoid this domino effect. Be especially cautious if you plan on using your wood fired pizza oven in the summer.

To maintain the correct pizza oven temperature, occasionally remove the pieces from the oven. Remove them right away from the burner and keep them for about five to ten minutes to warm up. Remove them right before using them again. You may also want to preheat the oven a bit longer to allow the pieces to warm up completely.

How to use a wood fired pizza oven is pretty straight forward. However, there are a few safety precautions to follow. Follow the manufacturer’s directions closely. Do not leave the wood logs in the oven unattended. Read all the literature that came with your product and perform any and all checks as instructed. These logs are made of wood and can be dangerous if not cared for properly.

Keep a clean fire brick or log handy in case of an accident. The brick absorbs the heat and will remain hot to help protect the glass from overheating. You may also use an extra log inside the pizza oven. It is important that when you learn how to use a wood fired pizza oven, that you are ready to make some minor repairs or adjustments to insure the product’s safety and efficiency.

Do not place the pizza stone or other wood material on top of a concrete or wooden floor. This will cause damage to the floor. If the pizza stone or other piece of wood becomes hot, it can cause burns on the floor. The heat can also cause some flickers of lightning as well. In addition, you may find that the floor will not heat evenly.

It is important to keep the pizza stones or pieces cool when they are not in use. When they are warm, they will cause the plastic to melt. This will cause the food to stick, which will result in a soggy crust. You may find that after baking a pizza in a wood fired pizza oven that it is too dark and bitter. The reason for this is that the bottom of the pizza stone absorbed the heat from the oven and then the bottom of the pizza stone absorbed the flavor of the baked pizza.

Another tip that you may want to keep in mind as you learn how to use a pizza oven is that you may want to make sure the pizza stone has holes all around the edges. This allows for air circulation around the piece of equipment. If your pizza stone does not have these holes, then you will find that the temperature of the pizza can fluctuate, and it can become uncomfortable.